Visit our Dental laboratory in Kogarah

Kogarah Denture & Dental Clinic welcomes you to George's Precision Dental Laboratory. We have a modern, well-equipped dental laboratory, using the latest equipment and materials to produce your dentures. Our technicians fabricate all types of comfortable, functional and aesthetically appealing dentures that are custom made, to suit your needs.

A complete service

We have a team of qualified, experienced technicians, and our dental prosthetist, George Georgiou has over 20 years’ of experience producing dentures. We take care of the complete clinical procedure, from taking impressions, creating and fitting your new dentures, as well as follow up and repair work. We work closely with our onsite dentist to ensure a healthy, stable mouth prior to any dental work.

The products we provide:

  • Complete acrylic or metal dentures
  • Partial acrylic or metal dentures
  • Unbreakable, flexible dentures without hooks
  • Tooth coloured clips where necessary
  • Same day tooth additions
  • Sports mouth guards
  • Fixed or removable implant retained dentures
  • Snoring apparatus for sleep apnoea
  • Clear orthodontic retainers
  • Bleaching trays for tooth whitening

The benefits of dentures

Our dental technicians stay up to date with current techniques and new technologies in order to carry out the finest services at our dental laboratory. As such, our tailor-made dentures will not alter your face, and will give you the ability to bite and chew food with ease.

Contact us today on 02 9588 6622 to book an appointment at our dental laboratory!

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